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What is a tag wiki and how do I add/edit one?

I recently gained the ability to approve tag wiki posts, but I am not sure what these are or where to access them.
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Removing tags on a post without questioning if they are necessary

So some of my tags got removed on a post, and I think we should really ask why there may be repeat-seeming tags. In this example, the user kept flight-calls but ...
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Tag for "hearing" or "audiometry"?

What would be a fitting tag to use for questions about the "receiver" end of animal communication? Hearing seems straightforward, audiometry may be more descriptive but its more about the ...
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What about unknown sounds?

In an earlier phase of this proposal (here), there was a discussion about presenting/identifying unknown sounds and the general agreement was on inclusivity. I wanted to open this up (again) for ...
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Tags for water-borne/air-borne/solid-borne acoustics

I believe we should think about 3 (?) tags related to the type of acoustic substrate the question is about, it could help to retrieve and understand questions better. I'm not sure of the best ...
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Replace the 'echo-location' tag with 'echolocation'?

The 'echo-location' tag is a typo. To my knowledge, there are no papers which use the word actually. The problem is SE forces you to use 'echo-location' instead. Could we replace the tag with the ...
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