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You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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3 answers

Identifing experts in related/overlapping disciplines

((Apologies for typos, I'm on my phone)) As our beta site continues to grow, we are attracting folks outside of our original circle, which is great! This is how we wanted the site to develop :). I've ...
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Embedding SoundCloud - Can we do it? How to do it? Do we want it?

I noticed on a few other SE sites (e.g., Video Production and Music Practice and Theory) that they can include a link to a publicly available SoundCloud track (and YouTube, potentially), and it will ...
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3 votes
2 answers

moving from Meta to Beta

It seems easy to go from Beta to Meta. But I'm wasting a lot of time to find an easy way to return to Beta. Would it be possible to have a button that allows fast return to Beta (or what it will be in ...
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Enable MathJax for rendering mathematical equations

This mostly scientific site will certainly contain a lot of questions and answers with mathematical formulae. Can we have MathJax enabled here like on similar Signal Processing? When enabled this will ...
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