As pointed out by others, we have some "criteria" in the AREA 51. But they seem to not be the only thing that will count. Although, I think they have some importance for the decision if the site is healthy, and it is worth it to take it to the public beta. I would say we are doing good for most of those criteria, but we lack a lot with the "visits per day". Do we know how this is considered? I mean, there is a certain time between a "visit" and another to be counted as two different ones? I'm trying to be on the site as many times as I can during the day, but I'm not sure if only "refreshing the page" counts or not. Also, they state that a healthy site has 90% of the traffic from search engines, but now we can't have this traffic. So, it's just a consideration for the next phase?


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The stats shown on Area51 include 'visits per day' (bottom of dashboard, below). This suggests that a good site should have >1500 visits per day, but any site should have >500 visits per day. The Bioacoustics Site has hovered around 140-170 visits per day. Area51 Beta Dashboard

Apparently the 'visits per day' is calculated from google analytics (see here). I doubt that multiple visits per day (from the same IP address) will count as this would not be a good indicator of success. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, and welcome all participation, but encouraging other acousticians to create a daily habit of checking in will lead to more success.

According to this question on Area51 Meta site, these metrics were created early on with little research to determine their importance. This answer goes on to state that the moderators who decide if a private beta advances to public beta does not rely on these stats. They suggest that # questions asked & # questions answered are helpful indicators of success. This, of course, begs the question of how 'success' is identified....


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